A Perfect Strategy For Options Income

How I generate monthly income from the stock market as safely and reliably as possible

Performance and Trade Results

Since I launched the course in March 2017, we're up $13,072!

That's 26.14% for a $50,000 account trading this strategy!

We started the latest period with an extreme move to the upside in January, which created extremely overbought conditions that ended with a correction. You can see that the market model was neutral ahead of this correction, bordering on almost bearish. The extremely strong economic fundamentals kept the model above the bearish zone, but in retrospect we should've recognized these overbought conditions as a dangerous spot and closed out our positions.

The correction turned into an extreme over-reaction, causing the model to go bullish near the lows, which turned out to be correct, as the market recovered rapidly. Next, Trump announced Steel and Aluminum Tariffs, which was a complete U-turn from the business and market friendly Trump we had in the past. This was not only a scary headline, but unlike some other political headlines, this one would have a very real and negative impact on corporate earnings across the board. Add in some Fed related jitters as a new Fed chair began his term and the departure of Rex Tillerson and Gary Cohn, and it was enough to stop the market from recovering completely.

We added bullish directional positions during the period, but we cannot claim the gains on these yet as we're still holding them and haven't closed them out as of yet. These, along with very strong options selling profits from the next period will probably erase most or all of the losses we had here. For the January 5 to March 16 2018 Period we had a loss of $4,754 (9.5%).

The average monthly return is: 2.1% = 26.14% / 12 months

Fun Facts:

$50,000 compounded at 35% a year grows to $1 Million in just 10 years!

Warren Buffet returned an average of only 20.8% per year. That's the power of compound interest over a long period of time!

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone looking to supplement their income, work less, or get rid of their job entirely. This system is THE BEST way to achieve an income from the stock market, as safely and reliably as it is possible to do so, with only 1-3 trades per month and no need to spend time researching hundreds of companies. This course is just as much about theory and strategy as it is about making real money in the real world. This is part course, part boot camp, where we'll be learning from the markets as we go, analyzing new situations in a world that is constantly changing. Even though this system is highly profitable and reliable, it does require you to keep one eye on the markets at all times.

Since we're dealing with options, it would be useful to have some trading experience with stocks and options already under your belt. Beginners are welcome of course, but the course is designed for intermediate level traders. You should have access to a computer during the day so that you can place orders while the market is open.

Strategy overview

The goal of this strategy is to collect at least 3% per month, which is about $1500 per month for a $50k account or about $3,000 a month for a $100k account. All of our trades will be focused on the S&P 500. The core of this strategy is built around income generation and favors options premium selling, so that is what we'll be focused on most of the time. When the market is bullish or bearish we'll also use options in a directional trade as well.

How to hedge for FREE

Normally when you put a hedge in place, you expect it to lose value over time. If you follow my strategy, you'll learn how to collect income every month while being hedged, essentially for free. This doesn't mean having a losing month is impossible, but in most situations where the market goes the wrong way you should end up breaking even or showing a profit. Then you can go on collecting income every month as if nothing ever happened!

More complex does not equal more profitable

Don't be fooled into thinking that complex strategies are the secret to better returns. More complex options strategies always have a downside. What we really want from a trading system is a better way to tell MARKET DIRECTION. We may not be able to predict what the market will do day to day, but we don't need to be that precise to make money in the market. All we need to do is be able to put the market on a more accurate "range" of future outcomes.

A quantitative market model

Successful options traders know that one of the most important factors when selecting a strategy is market direction. For me, I've found that I trade much more successfully when I use a quant approach to trading. Rather than just relying on my own analysis alone, I've found that when I combine my analysis with a statistical model I make better trading decisions and the trades I make are much more profitable. The quantitative market model I built provides an objective view of how bullish or bearish the market is for the time frame we care about, which is the 2 to 4 week time frame. The model is composed of 12 patterns I've found to be the most influential in determining short term market direction. Some components are commonplace and widely used by other traders. For example, one of the components uses the RSI for assessing overbought or oversold conditions. Other components are based on proprietary patterns I've noticed in my own trading over the years. These 12 components are then averaged together, along with the appropriate weights and correction factors, to give us an easy to understand market score for how bullish or bearish the model is at any point in time.

A vigilant partner

When you join this course you're gaining a full time partner, a trading veteran dedicated to maximizing your gains and minimizing your risks in a market that's constantly changing. I watch the markets all day- every day. It's a full time job for me. Most people are busy and don't have time to follow every twist and turn of the market, but don't worry- you'll get an email alert for every trade I place. Often we'll be in winning situations, which are easy to manage, but navigating the tricky situations properly and avoiding rookie mistakes can have a huge impact on your long term profitability.

Membership service

This system, like most trading systems, should not be applied mechanically to all situations. Every situation in the market is a little bit different and requires some strategy and analysis. That's why I've structured this course as a monthly membership service. All members will get access to the exact trades I'm placing in my own accounts along with an understanding of how that strategy fits into the current market outlook.

You'll also get access to my propriety market model which gives us a much clearer picture of where the market is headed in the short term. Setting up the course this way allows me to protect the intellectual property behind my market model, while still allowing you to take advantage of it. In other words, you'll have access to my market model score but not it's underlying components.

There are four things you'll get as a member:

1. Access to the course where I show you how I implement the top income generating strategies.

2. Access to my market model, which makes these strategies dramatically more powerful.

3. Access to all of my trades so you can trade along with me as I navigate the market.

4. All members who stay for 6 months or more will be able to enroll in my companion course "The Big Volatility Short" for free.

Is it worth paying $75 a month for this? Well, the goal is to make a steady income of at least 3% every month. If you're trading with $50,000 for example, that means you'll collect $1500 for the month and pay a $75 membership fee, which leaves you with a profit of $1425. Is that worthwhile? I think the answer is an obvious YES!

Even without my market model, the strategies you'll be learning are iron clad ways of generating income- so no matter what, you'll be gaining experience you can use to make money from the stock market for the rest of your life.


Most of the time we will be positioned for bullish or neutral markets, but when the market model indicates a sell-off or bear market is likely, we can either exit all of our positions, or use a put buying strategy, depending on the situation. If bear market risk is rising, it will show up in a number of factors in the market model, warning us days or even weeks in advance. In other words, we should be able to generate an income no matter which direction the market goes! However, there can be events that are completely unpredictable that can cause the market to drop rapidly, sometimes overnight, such as another 9/11 attack or some other kind of black swan event. Our goal is to keep the maximum risk in the core strategy at no more than 25%, but remember that it would take a truly extreme event for that large of a loss to be realized. If something like this does happen, I will show you a strategy you can use to make this a "temporary loss" when we discuss how to hedge for free.

Course topics

  • Learn how to make 3% per month ($1500 per month for a $50,000 account)
  • Follow my trades as I navigate the market
  • You'll get an email alert every time I place a new trade
  • Get access to my proprietary market model
  • Learn the best levels and expiration dates to use when executing trades
  • Understand how to make the most from time decay
  • Learn why Iron Condors are a garbage strategy

Your Instructor

Peter Titus
Peter Titus

Hey guys! I've been trading stocks and options for over 11 years through bull markets, bear markets, and all kinds of volatility. I started out doing a lot of day trading and stock picking and I was looking for a more steady income stream to go along with these trades. The system I came up with was so successful that it's become the focal point of my trading, where I now allocate my largest positions. After you've collected 3% per month for a few months in a row, I think you'll agree with me that this system is simply THE BEST income strategy out there. It doesn't require a huge number of trades and it's a lot easier to manage than day trading or stock picking. Honestly, I think it's pretty hard to lose money with this strategy. Thanks for checking out the site and I'll do my best to make money for all of us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join if I'm a complete beginner?
This course is designed for intermediate level traders so it would be helpful to have at least some experience trading stocks and options. I recommend that you educate yourself on the basics and get some experience trading before taking this course. That being said, all the concepts you need to be successful are explained in the course and the strategy we're using is nothing overly complex, so if you are a fast learner and up to the challenge, you are more than welcome to join!
What are the prerequisites?
I recommend taking my course The Big Volatility Short especially if you are new to trading because we'll be building on some of those basic concepts and strategies. However, this is not required, since you'll be able to follow all of my trades (including volatility trades) as a member. As a bonus, all members who stay with Perfect Strategy for 6 months or more can enroll in The Big Volatility Short for free!
What account permissions do I need?
You will need the ability to short sell stocks, the ability to buy options, and the ability to write options. If you are planning to trade real money, make sure your account has these permissions enabled. If you plan to trade simulated money or just want to learn and follow along, this isn't necessary.
Won't we distort the market if lots of people are trading this strategy?
We'll be trading the S&P 500 index options which are some of the most liquid options on the market. Options volumes are so huge and the number of market participants are so vast that there's really no need to worry about the impact from our tiny community of traders.
How long do I have access to the course?
The course is $75 per month. You will have access to the course, my proprietary market model score, and all of my live trades as long as you're a member!
Can I trade this in an IRA?
Unfortunately, some of the options strategies we use at Perfect Strategy are not allowed in retirement accounts, which makes Perfect Strategy not an ideal system for use in retirement accounts or IRAs.
How much money do I need to start trading?
$12,000 would be the bare minimum required to start trading, with a recommended amount of $25,000 or more. There is no upper limit.

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